Klappkiste Allegorien, 2018

The images in the work Klappkiste Allegorien are made from numerous studio shoots of daily objects such as kitchen gloves, bicycle helmet, and toilet paper. In the working process, four or more images of the same object are pasted on a background image, which is also divided into four parts. Once this step is completed, an automatic process of photo-merging in Photoshop is performed. The software calculates how the images should be merged together, and tries to overcome the “obstacle” in the form of the objects located in the middle of the image. In order to succeed in its mission to provide a perfect photo, the software is forced to transform and recreate the objects. At that moment, the algorithms take command of the process, and representation of a new and uncanny object, existing only in the photographic sphere is conceived.

2018, Variable dimensions, archival pigment print.

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