It’s about the Image

“It’s about the Image” is a cooporation beetwen Andrea Esswein, Eyal Pinkas and Katja von Puttkamer.

The joint project is a continuous experiment that brings together artworks, which are being independently created by each artist through her and his ongoing personal practice. The thematic line which relate the works of the three artists and that brought them to work together, is a fragmented view of the world and its environments. While using different mediums each artist implements a distinctive work process that translates impressions and information into the materialistic output that the images are made of.

By bringing their works together, Esswein, Pinkas and Puttkamer attempt to create a new whole made of images which reflect a personal reconstruction of the world. Their cooperation allows them to take a step back from their individual practice, and observe how an unfamiliar and surprising narrative get articulated through a composition of images in an exhibition space.

Andrea Esswein: Instagram: @ann_eaty

Katja von Puttkamer: Instagram: @katjavonputtkamer

Eyal Pinkas: Instagram: @eyal_pinkas

“It’s about the Image #1”

A virtual tour of the first presentation at Atelierhaus Waggonfabrik in Mainz, Germany.


“It’s about the Image #2”

Exhibition at Kunstverein Vierheim, Germany, 6.2 – 13.3.2022.

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