Cube, 2017

The objects depicted in the work Cube is a polyhedron made of 4 plexiglass plates in 4 different colors – Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow.

To create the images in the work, the plexiglass polyhedron was photographed on a table set in a way that only a half of it can be seen. It was then turned around and rephotographed so a different side of the object and therefore a different color have fronted the camera. The other half of the object was photographed on the set in the same way. This resulted in 8 photographs which were then automatically merged, each time using a different pair of images.

Each image image in the work is made of a combination of two photographs. The cubes that got created in the photographs are deformed and disoriented. Opposite to them is a reflection of the original cube, a reminder of photography’s affinity to the truth. Yet that is merely a reflection, almost washed away, making place to the artificial, the fictional, the ghost.

2017, Variable dimensions, archival pigment print.

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